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We’re more than a probiotic. We’re the first ever “anthrobiotic” designed using highly-tested Smart Strains™ that target common allergy, gut, and immune health issues at the source.

SomayaLife Anthrobiotics


Anthrobiotics contain targeted strains of good bacteria that actually modulate the immune system, rather than just support the immune system like a probiotic.

At Somaya Life, we’ve identified the specific Smart Strains your body needs and brought them together to create a supplement that gets real results. These targeted strains have been scientifically proven to improve digestion, immune communication, microbiome balance, and gut acid.

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Benefits of Somaya Life

Digestive health

The gut communicates with everything in your body. Somaya Life will help you naturally balance your microbiome to reduce a plethora of digestive issues, including constipation, diarrhea, bloating, allergies, inflammation, and more.

Preventative wellness

Preservatives, pollutants, chemicals, sugars, alcohol, age, travel, inconsistent eating patterns, and other factors negatively impact your body on a daily basis. Somaya Life can help proactively boost your immune system to fight against these triggers so you stay healthy and avoid expensive doctor visits and harsh medications.

Safe & natural

All the microorganisms found in Somaya Life are naturally found in your body, which means there are no negative side effects, complications, or overdose concerns compared to typical prescription drugs. All our products go through a rigorous quality check in our FDA-registered facility to ensure safety.