Can A Massage Cause Diarrhea?

Can A Massage Cause Diarrhea?

At first glance, the idea of a massage leading to diarrhea might seem silly. After all, massages are typically associated with relaxation and stress relief rather than gastrointestinal distress, right? 

However, the human body is a complex system, and sometimes unexpected connections can arise.

In short: Yes, massages can cause diarrhea. That said, it’s not a super common side-effect and results differ for everyone. In general, massages are generally considered beneficial. 

Let’s dive in.  

Potential Diarrhea Triggers

Several factors associated with massages could contribute to digestive issues like diarrhea. 


A good massage therapist uses quite a bit of pressure during the session to work your muscles. A lot of pressure on your stomach and intestines may trigger bowel movements — especially if you ate a lot before coming in. 

Some individuals speculate that deep tissue massages are more likely to cause diarrhea due to their intense nature. While there isn't conclusive evidence to support this claim, it's worth noting that everyone's body responds differently to various types of massage techniques.

Release of Toxins

Massage therapy, particularly deep tissue massages, can help release toxins stored in muscle tissues. The sudden release could overwhelm your digestive system, causing temporary gastrointestinal discomfort.

Changes in Circulation

Massages can improve blood circulation throughout the body, including the gastrointestinal tract. If you have a sensitive digestive system, this increase in blood flow might temporarily disrupt normal digestive processes, leading to symptoms like diarrhea.

Relaxed Muscles

If you’re prone to issues like constipation or have a hard time using the bathroom, massages can help relax those muscles. When those muscles are more relaxed, you may be more likely to poop, causing everything that was backed up to finally come out.  

How to Prevent Diarrhea After a Massage

If you have a massage appointment coming up, here are a few things you can do to reduce the likelihood of diarrhea or other digestive problems. 


  • Drink extra water before and after your massage to stay hydrated and move toxins through your system. 
  • Give your body time to rest andrecover before engaging in strenuous activities.
  • Work with a reputable, licensed massage therapist who can provide high-quality care and discuss your specific health needs.   


  • Eat large meals right before your appointment
  • Consume foods or beverages with a lot of sugar.
  • Eat foods that may trigger pain and discomfort due to pre-existing health or digestive issues.
  • Consume caffeine and alcohol right before your appointment. 

How Long Does Diarrhea Last After A Massage Therapy Session? 

In most cases, discomfort and digestive issues should resolve on their own within a day or two. 

While diarrhea after a massage is usually temporary and benign, pay attention to any additional symptoms or changes in your condition. If you have concerns or it seems to worsen, seek professional advice.

Support Your Overall Health

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