How to Take A Probiotic

How to Take A Probiotic

If you’ve never taken a probiotic or supplement before, adding one to your daily routine may seem overwhelming or confusing. We’re here to help! 

Overall, the process is pretty straightforward. We’ll walk you through how to take a probiotic and give you some specifics about Somaya Life, our unique gut health supplement. 

Find the Right Supplement

Not all probiotics and supplements are created equal. Before taking one, you should review the label closely to ensure it fits your specific needs well. Key things to look for include ingredients and strain diversity. 


Be sure to read the ingredients list closely. Avoid dietary supplements that have a lot of artificial ingredients and additives.  

Many probiotics and supplements contain extra sugar, dyes, and other additives for taste and preservation. If you’re already experiencing digestive issues, these ingredients may trigger or worsen your symptoms. 

If you have specific allergies or diet preferences, such as veganism or gluten-free, you'll want to ensure that the probiotic you choose aligns with those needs as well to avoid complications.  

Strain Diversity

Look for a probiotic with a variety of unique strains. Different bacteria strains may have positive effects on your gut health

Many probiotics on the market today only contain a few unique strains. While they may work, you’ll likely see more of an impact with a product that has a diverse range of strains. If possible, do some research and look for probiotic strains that have been shown to align with your specific health goals.

Somaya Life has 10 Smart Strains™ of good bacteria, helping to build a diverse microbiome and support digestive health and your immune system. These beneficial bacteria strains fall into four key categories—enhancers, managers, inhibitors, and communicators—to help your body work more efficiently and support overall wellness. 

Follow Dosage Instructions

Once you’ve found the right probiotic, stick to the recommended dosage on the packaging to avoid unwanted side effects or unexpected issues. The recommended dosage is typically based on scientific research and trials that determine the appropriate amount of the bacteria needed to achieve desired health benefits.

Taking too much of a supplement, especially one with added ingredients, may lead to adverse effects such as bloating, gas, diarrhea, or stomach upset. By adhering to the recommended dosage, you reduce the risk of experiencing these unwanted side effects.

For Somaya Life, it’s as simple as one a day. No measuring powder or having to take multiple capsules. (That said, if you’re feeling unwell or fighting off a cold, you can take up to three capsules to give yourself a little extra boost.) 

Take With Food or Water as Directed

Most experts agree that the best way to take probiotics is with food or water. The food helps the helpful bacteria absorb and move through your system appropriately, improving results and minimizing any negative effects. 

Planning to take your supplement with a meal can also help increase consistency since it becomes part of your normal routine. 

That said, Somaya Life can be taken with or without food, depending on what works best for you. We recommend drinking at least a full glass of water to help with absorption. 

Be Consistent

Taking probiotics regularly as directed is essential for their effectiveness. Consistency is key to maintaining a healthy balance of gut bacteria.

Some people find it helpful to take probiotics at the same time each day to establish a routine. As noted above, making it a normal part of your meal or bedtime routine can help trigger your brain so you don’t forget to take it. Another great strategy is setting alarms or reminders so you get alerts when it’s time to take the supplement. 

When starting a new supplement like Somaya Life, a 30-day period is generally recommended to decide if the probiotic is effective or not. \

Bottle of Somaya Life

Monitor Effects

Pay attention to how your body responds to the supplement. Oftentimes, it can take time to see results. It takes some time to build up the good bacteria in your gut and experience the positive effects. 

Since changes are gradual, using an app or journal to document your symptoms can be helpful. These tools can help you monitor long-term progress and see positive changes over time. Small wins can also help keep you motivated and on track with taking your probiotic. 

Somaya Life contains organisms normally found in the body, so you shouldn’t experience any side effects or complications with other medications. If you notice any adverse reactions when taking a supplement, such as increased bloating or discomfort, consider adjusting the dosage or consulting a healthcare professional.

Store Properly

To maintain effectiveness, follow the storage instructions provided with the probiotic. This often involves keeping it in a cool, dry place or refrigerating it if necessary.

Since it contains living microorganisms, Somaya Life should be refrigerated once delivered. If traveling, consider using a cooler if possible, and be sure to put it in the refrigerator upon arrival at your destination. 

Under refrigeration, Somaya Life can last for about 26 months. 

Ready to Get Started?

If you’re ready to take the next step in your natural health journey, Somaya Life is your secret weapon. Learn more about how we go beyond typical probiotics and try your first bottle today. 

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