Gut Health is a Key Part of Radical Self-Care

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We’ve been hearing a lot of chatter about “self-care” — and we love it! We’re all about helping humans live the healthiest lives possible. And we believe radical self-care is the next step and final piece of the puzzle.

What is Radical Self-Care?

The University of Indiana defines radical self-care as “the assertion that you have the responsibility to take care of yourself first before attempting to take care of others.”

Radical self-care is going beyond a bubble bath, massage, or “me time.” We're talking about truly doing what you need to do to protect your emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual energies.

In reality, this doesn’t seem so radical. The concept that you cannot help others if you’re not physically or psychologically healthy and fit yourself is so well known that you hear it every time you board an airplane. So why is it so hard for us to grasp?

Radical Self-Care Involves Tackling Health Problems at the Source

As Dr. Suzanne Degges-White writes in Psychology Today, “radical self-care is about taking care of things at the source rather than just sugarcoating or managing the symptoms.”

Natural remedies dating back to ancient Greece, as well as modern science, connect the gut to the center of our well-being. That’s the missing link to true healing and radical self-care for many of us.

As humans, procrastination and avoidance feel natural. While many health issues we experience are interconnected, our tendency to focus on others and mask symptoms makes tackling the problem at the source a pain in and of itself.

As a result, many of us suffer from allergies, digestive issues, and other chronic health issues without really diving into the root of the problem — our gut health.

Going to the source for many people is about going to the gut and getting to the root of the problem. The gut’s connection to the brain influences mental health, cholesterol, blood insulin, obesity, hormones, and the proper release of toxins. These are just a few of the many symptoms impacting our overall health and happiness.

Our digestive tract is truly a gateway for our body to interact with the outside world. Without the right proactive protection in place, we are more susceptible to chronic health issues, pollutants, and other growing issues in today’s world.

Make Somaya Life Part of Your Radical Self-Care Journey

If you’re looking to practice radical self-care and naturally improve your overall mental and physical health, consider making Somaya Life part of your ongoing routine.

Somaya Life is the first-ever anthrobiotic (which is a fancy way of saying it’s like a probiotic, but better). The Smart Strains in Somaya Life bring good bacteria that provide specific modes of action to the body, bringing balance and alignment through the brain-gut connection.

These good bacteria go to work and help alleviate many ongoing health issues by enhancing the digestive microbiome, utilizing excess stomach acid, inhibiting pathogens, and communicating with the immune system.

When it comes to prioritizing your own healing and well-being to better serve others, finding balance in your gut health is a tremendous step in the right direction. That’s true radical self-care.

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